Alphacomm values secure payment. Therefore, all our payments are checked by our payment service provider with high security standards. It may occur that your payment was rejected, although you have been able to pay elsewhere with your creditcard. Unfortunately, the payment service provider does not provide reasons for rejection.


Possible reasons for rejection are:

  • you have ordered as an anonymous customer
  • your creditcard is not a Visa- or Mastercard
  • you have a prepaid creditcard, a creditcard whithout 3D secure code (Verified by Visa) or a creditcard from a foreign country
  • the data in your Alphacomm Account does not match the data of your creditcard
  • the expiry date of your creditcard has changed
  • the CVC code or the 3D secure code was entered incorrectly
  • you ordered too often in a short time frame
  • you did not activate Java in your browser and/or you do not allow popups


Some of these reasons may result in a temporary blocking of your credit  card. In this case, we advise you to retry after eight days. Until then, you may choose another payment option. Please note that retrying before this eight days period will extend the blocking of your card.


We are aware that our security measures may cause inconveniences, for which we apologize.